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Take cover. Here comes a cyclone! Become a cyclone cycler!

Twister is a playground game that allows players to create their very own cyclone storms. A cycling device is attached to a water filled cylinder, and the player's cycling motion stirs the water inside the cylinder to create a whirlpool effect.
Children and adults can use available mono-cycles or attach their own bicycles. When the players begin pedaling, their kinetic energy generates electricity that operates the propeller motor. The propeller’s rotation exerts energy on the liquid, thus creating a whirlpool inside the transparent tube. The faster the pedaling, the faster the propeller spins and the stronger the whirlpool becomes.

Fun & Stormy Facts

Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are tropical storms that form on the high seas and gradually move landward. A tornado is formed on land rather than out at sea. A whirlpool is created by strong sea currents, generally in narrow passages (straits) between shores of land.