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The Mobius Bench

Have a seat. It's just a normal bench. Or is it?

A Möbius ring is a two-dimensional shape with only one side and one boundary. The Möbius Bench is a cool playground game that brings the ring to life. Shaped like a triangle with each edge positioned at a different height, the Möbius Bench is a fun mind-game for children and adults of all ages.
To introduce participants to the Möbius concept, the bench features balls that are attached to its edges. As they slide the balls along the bench, the players will notice that a ball starting on the outer side of the bench will complete the circle on its inner side, thus coming to the conclusion that the bench is indeed one-sided. After they've finished having fun, participants can sit and relax; after all, they're close to the coolest bench around.

Fun Möbius Fact

The international recycling logo is shaped after the Möbius ring. In fact, there's probably no better symbol to signify recycling's positive "one-sided loop" than the Möbius ring. Recycling breaks products down, turns them back into the raw material they were made from, and creates new products.