At the heart of the ABA Science Play philosophy is the fostering of playful teaching and learning. For a generation that was born into the computer era, it only makes sense to carry exploration and interactivity to the playground.  Ours are the first park-installed "classrooms" offering memorable hands-on lessons in the Sciences.
ABA Science Play is about doing-it rather than reading about it. It's about collaborative-learning via mental and physical challenges. It's about surprises in the park, teaching, learning, understanding, and collaborating.  A.B.A Science Play delivers the ultimate outdoors classroom and laboratory.

Understanding the Laws of Physics

The wide range of play items demonstrates the basic laws of science and the world around us, integrating them into the play equipment. The equipment demonstrates phenomena such as centrifugal forces, Pascal’s laws, aerodynamics, reflection and absorption of light and heat, energy production and many more principles taken from the school curriculum.
More Scientific, More Stimulating, More Fun.