At the heart of the ABA Science Play philosophy is the fostering of playful teaching and learning. For a generation that was born into the computer era, it only makes sense to carry exploration and interactivity to the playground.  Ours are the first park-installed "classrooms" offering memorable hands-on lessons in the Sciences.
ABA Science Play is about doing-it rather than reading about it. It's about collaborative-learning via mental and physical challenges. It's about surprises in the park, teaching, learning, understanding, and collaborating.  A.B.A Science Play delivers the ultimate outdoors classroom and laboratory.

Our environment & the world we live in

Look Around You, Know Where You Live

The play equipment offers explanations on Earth’s geography, topography and demography. Phenomena such as tides, winds, seasons and time zones are explained. Light and darkness, movement of the sun, earth and moon and planets of our galaxy can be understood with hand-on interactive play.

The line of products includes dozens of environmental elements, physical phenomena and explanatory items on our Universe. The playgrounds also reinforce awareness for recycling and preserving our planet.

Electric Components, No Electricity

The elements of the equipment need a power source to function. All power is derived from alternate clean energy sources such as kinetic energy, wind and solar power. During play time, the children experience the self generation of electricity, when their activities generate energy that is captured and transformed into electricity.

Many of the products include vocal narration that explains different insights and ideas relevant to the product and is turned on during play. Decorative and flashing lights accompany the products to create a festival of light.